Transgender Dating

Dos and Don’ts When Dating a Transgender Woman

If you have finally decided to take the plunge and date a transgender woman, then there are some things you need to learn so as to make your relationship worthwhile. First of all, dating a transgender woman is no walk in the park. Your friends and family might not be accepting of such a move. However, the popular adage “love conquers all” holds water, because if you can make a relationship successful, others will eventually come around or you will learn how to deal with those who don’t understand. Below are some of the Do’s and Don’ts of dating a transgender woman


Be at peace with your decision

Deciding whether you really want to date a Transgender woman should top your priority list in the Dos of dating a transgender woman. This is vital because the journey of dating a transgender woman can be bumpy. You have to accept that dating a transgender woman does not make you gay.


Take good care of yourself

Dating a transgender woman is akin to dating a not transgender one. The need to look good cannot be understated. Always dress modestly and hit the gym if needed for you to be more attractive to your transgender lady.

Stand up for her

As mentioned earlier, society has many prejudices, and there is much discrimination against transgender woman. Men who date them have also received the same treatment at times. You might even be told that you are not a ‘real’ man because you are dating a ‘fake’ woman. However, you should develop a tough skin and always defend your transgender woman against any form of discrimination.

Treat your transgender woman with respect

As society continues to bask in the bliss of ignorance – and consequently make the lives of transgender women hell – you should endeavor to love your woman with all your heart. Just because she is a transgender woman, does not make her any less of a human. Transgender women are worthy of love and respect.

Compliment her

Transgender women always strive to look their best. You can complement her efforts by simply complimenting her looks. Also compliment her body, but make sure it’s moderate so that you don’t come across as an amorous pervert.


Don’t be too curious


Just like how curiosity is hazardous for cats, the same can apply to you if you are dating a Transgender women. Do not assume that just because you are in a relationship with her that it gives you the authority to question her about her past. Be gentle with her. She will tell you all you need to know when she feels safe enough to do so.

Don’t be amorous

Transgenders have been known to have voluptuous bodies that make men drool like fools. However, if you are dating a transgender, no matter how hot she is, you should never seem to be hell-bent on having sex with her. Transgender women have been through a lot and are therefore very cautious before inviting you to their bedrooms. Your patience might be put to the test, but if it triumphs, great sex awaits you!

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16 thoughts on “Dos and Don’ts When Dating a Transgender Woman

    1. As a Cis Man, I am attracted to females. But to me it doesn’t matter if the woman is Cis or Trans. As a matter of fact, Transwomen seem more feminine to me. And it may not be so much in the looks or actions, but in their attitude and personality. I would love to date one of these women, if only I was more attractive…


    2. I am a proud straight man and I prefer to date trans women. We are out there. But they care more about there image. Trans women are 100% woman.


      1. Yes transgender women are actual women. We just started out wrong on the outside an society tryed to keep us there. The woman inside of this transgender being will not be denied her true calling of being the woman she truely is. So yes we are truely all woman in our own special package.


  1. Don’t give up so easily. I gave up hope too and then he came into my life, we have a 2017 wedding date planned!


  2. Some very good advice here……I am a single transgender girl, and would love the opportunity to date a transgender guy. Prefer someone that’s on the tall side, but doesn’t have to be…….after all at 5’4″ myself, almost everyone is already taller than me anyway. Anyone that’s interested may contact me for more info. Thanks!


  3. Like there are some flaws in a lot of the logic here. Overall it’s ok….. seems a tad creeperish. Could be improved in areas, though. I do not see the need for all the slur like tags… Ladyboy, shemale, sissy, tg dating, trans dating. Just leave it at like Trans, Transgender, TransGirls, TransWomen etc etc.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. From my experience. Transgendered women are either very picky, or quite up themselves.!! I understand that ‘yes’ they have gone through a lot to get were they have!! But to be fair, so have most people. Putting yourself’s in the (look at me I different) box has a limited life span.


  5. Why does this article approach dating a transgender woman like adopting a puppy? Shouldn’t you feel something for the person? Like them as an individual? Then base your decision on that.


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