What’s the Type of Man for Transgender Woman

Man for a Transgender Woman

“True love does not alter the beloved, it alters itself:” –Soren Kierkegaard

To all the men, I will save you the suspense and spill the beans right away. Transgender Women want men. I am not trying to be facile, but that is pretty much it. I speak here as a man who has been in the dating market for a long time and has just recently explored the world of Transgender Dating.

In the shark infested pool of cis-dating, cis women look for men that are their ideal. A simple search of the dating profiles of cis women will show the endless wish list cis women have with regards to men that they would consider dating.

With Transgender Women the situation is radically different. Transgender Women are women for all intents and purposes and behave in a manner that will shock the men who are used to masculine and overbearing cis-women.

Man for a Transgender Woman

Transgender Women have needs and desires just like any other person. However due to their unique position, they have a greater understanding of life and realize the essential fallibility of humans. They know and accept that human beings are flawed and have to be loved despite their flaws. Flaws have to be accepted and not corrected when it comes to true love.

Transgender Women want men who are open minded, who care and love them, and who accept them for who they are, not the perfect ideal that they would like the woman to fit into. In other words, they want a man to find beauty in the average. It is precisely this aspect of Transgender Women that makes relationships with them so much more fulfilling and deep.

As humans, we crave for a deeper bond that is more than sexual. Transgender Women look for men who are their soul mates and who they can share their bed and their dreams with. They want men who do not try to mock them for their lifestyle and choices; rather, they want men who accept them despite their choices.

Transgender Women are also sexually very active and are much more nubile than the average cis-woman. Therefore men with a high sexual appetite (that is every man alive) will have a great time with them.

Man for a Transgender Women

Transgender Women will accept only those men who accept them. Make no mistake, these women are not desperate or lacking choices. It’s rather the opposite due to the novelty of Trans dating. Transgender Women are relatively understanding of the flaws of their men, but only on the condition that they understand theirs. In the end, all these women want is a shot true love.

16 thoughts on “What’s the Type of Man for Transgender Woman”

  1. Interesting! And… How does that work for the ones who despite all have remained attracted to women. This whole article assumes a heterosexual stereotype!
    Believe me, I have been open to persuasion that cis men might be attractive, but Im not getting it yet??! Maybe I havent met the right one but I am still immensely attracted to women.

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      1. Yeah… I had hoped that my preference might change post hormones and surgery!. It would be soooo much easier. (Be fighting them off with a shitty stick I would!! Lol)
        My post op status really doesnt help with the girls, and Im still too ‘*male*’ for most lesbians! Aaaah!! Least I have my simple pleasures!


  2. It is written by a man, he can’t answer that question for you.

    You are assuming that his statement Transgender Women Want Men means ALL Transgender women want men, when he could be, let’s not assume, saying ‘hey plenty of transgender women do like and want men’.


  3. I 100% agree with this for myself as a soon to be post-op trans woman. I am straight sexually but prefer women’s company socially. I would love to find a man who would take the traditional male role in the relationship as I feel more comfortable in the traditional female role. And, yes, he would not want for pleasure in the bedroom.


  4. I think there were allot of excellent points of truth that were reached in this article, sure it’s somewhat of an atypical male perspective which is to be expected of the author as he himself is.


  5. I think my problem is I am very dominant! Men can’t handle this on the whole. I am starting to look in the right places now for a submissive man to play with. Who knows what that might lead to, perhaps, but I would have to kind of emasculate him somewhat to feel in control, so part of me just feels it would be better to go for a woman in the first place. If I were to go with a man I would have to forced- feminise him to be attracted whereas with a woman, I could leave the whips and chains behind, lol! The bottom line is that I feel on a level with women and am sexually attracted to femininity also. I just dont even begin to know how to get attracted to masculinity?! Everything from the scratch of stubble on my face to that self assured ‘gods gift’ crap, they all seem to have, just repells me. Not to mention that most male creatures just take pride in being infantile…! and the minute they start to get high handed then thats when my ‘inner bitch’ starts to surface! If they even think of rubbishing my intellect or ‘shush-ing’ me, then ‘pity the fool’. Bottom line for me is that I have ended up lesbian! I am cool with this but it would have been easier if not however!


  6. I will concede that many trans women like myself might ‘*settle*’ for a man, if only to stave off tge lonliness. I try time and time again to see if I can get my hetero freak on but for me it is purely cos I am so damn lonely! I hate it and always come away feeling ‘violated’!
    I struggle away getting treated like crap in the job market. (Primarily by men). I do my level best to create a nice stable life for my children in the face of this adversity! Why the hell do I have to ‘sleep with the enemy’ for everything to be ok?


  7. Dolly, i think you just haven’t met the right person, regardless of the gender. I think there are plenty of man, in this metro sexual world, who would be honored to be with a beautiful woman like yourself and open to please you the way you desire. I also think that any woman fortunate enough to share your bed would also be left with a smile on their face. i myself fit all of your requirements in a mate, it would seem. I think there is nothing sexier then a strong confident lover.


    1. Well I think theres some truth in your words. Thanks also for the compliments, (you silver tongued devil, lol)!
      Im not an utter ball buster, (dominatrix perhaps!!), but I get somewhat weary of assumptions of heterosexuality on date sites.. Believe me I have made plenty attempts at straight relations- would be infinitely easier, and a queue of guys is quietly forming for a chance to *pop my post op cherry*!
      Im just like “no way”, not for at least another few months. On the whole guys dont get it, but I am drawn to the submissive ones a little. Girls get the idea of *gentle love* though.
      I always used to say I was *pansexual* and fall in love with the person then work out how to make love as appropriate. I just can’t be doin with that stightly *canine* genital fixation a lot of guys have!
      It is early days yet though and Im more fixated with long hugs and cuddles right now. Its been so long since I had that level of intimacy Im kinda just trying to focus on other pleasures instead.
      Thanks for the comment anyway, I do so like to put the cat among the pigeons! Heh heh, a proper Devil’s advocate!


  8. I am a mtf on hrts but I prefer to date a woman to a man,dont get me wrong I think some men are hot but sexualy it doesn’t interest me


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