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Etiquette Tips for MTF Transgender Women

One of the biggest challenges MTF women face is how to behave femininely. This is usually because they were brought up as males. Nevertheless, in order to transition to the woman you always were, you need to learn womanly etiquette. As an MTF trans woman, you need to realize that the way you behave is just as important as your appearance. Dressing stylishly and then acting badly will not project a feminine image.

To learn womanly etiquette, you must first know what etiquette is. Etiquette can be defined as doing and saying things appropriately in each situation. Here are a few points that will help you learn and practice womanly etiquette.


Your greeting is the first interaction you have with another person, and your etiquette is crucial to making a good impression. However, greetings can be a potential source of embarrassment. This is particularly true of feminine greetings because there are a number of different styles depending on your culture, relationship with the other person, and situation. As a rule of thumb, greetings that involve kissing and hugging should be reserved for close friends or relatives. If you are still not sure how to great someone, let them take the lead. It is also important to mention that no matter the style you should look the person you are greeting in the eyes and smile warmly.

Avoid Laughing Loudly

As a woman, it is important you know how to smile and laugh in a feminine fashion. Laughing loudly might attract the wrong attention and have a negative impact on your feminine image. Also, when you smile, ensure that it is a genuine smile. People will notice if you are faking, and you will come across as insincere.

Use Polite Words

Words such as “please” and “thank you” are perfect examples of easy ways you can improve your etiquette as a woman. Always be polite to people not only with your words but also with your actions. This applies to both things you do and don’t do. For example, paying attention to only one person when others are present might come across as rude. You should always strive to make everyone feel comfortable and appreciated when in a group setting.

Mind Your Table Manners

MTF Trans Woman

Table manners say a lot about a woman. When having a meal with other people, you should make sure that you are well versed in table etiquette. This includes how to use your napkin, when and how you use the utensils, and even how you hold your wine glass. For example, at a formal dinner, your napkin should be placed on your lap as soon as you are seated. It should remain there unless you are leaving the table.

In conclusion, although etiquette might not be the sexiest part of being a woman, it is an inherent part of being female and, therefore, cannot be overlooked.

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22 thoughts on “Etiquette Tips for MTF Transgender Women

    1. Agreed. Fuck this etiquette shit. If I want to curse I’ll curse. If I want to throw away the napkin at a restaurant. fuck yeah I’ll do that. How I greet someone is nobodies damn business but mine and the person I am greeting. So please take this shit somewhere else. Thank you.


  1. I don’t see the need for this. A well behaved gentleman would do the things you list as well as a woman, trans or not ….’ but in the 21st century I fear you are way out of date


  2. No. Fuck that shit. Not only is this terrible advice for trans women, it’s terrible advice for -all women-, saying that even cis women have to act a certain way. Fuck you for trying to police women’s behavior.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I have a question to those of you who responded negatively: Would you constantly use the F-word or S-word around your grandchildren? Would you curse like a trooper if you’re trying to impress someone you have a romantic interest in? Quite frankly I would be embarrassed if my romantic interests every other word is a curse word. Transition is more than physical. It is emotional and spiritual as well.


  4. As an old geezer with both a daughter and son in their 20s, I can tell you the above etiquette advice doesn’t seem appropriate for millennials .. I guess it depends on how you and the people you interact with might see feminine behavior. So the well intentioned comments come across as a bunch of hogwash. I’d say it needs to be modified this way. Think about your peers, nale and gemale and, how they behave. If you want to fit with your gender identity, you must learn the social behaviors they learned growing up and forget or surpress some learned growing up. And if that includes some of the above advice fine, but if it doesn’t just follow your instincts.


  5. I really was very badly impressed by all the garbage (above) the readers posted to such a well performed site. Transgender women, as you very well put it, should behave like women, and that’s the way they will charm everyone who meets them… and that’s exactly what you are pointing out in your very clearly expressed comments… keep up the fine work, there’s a load of newly-discovered girls that will appreciate all the more the help you are providing to the. By the way – before anyone comes up with silly comments – I am a hetero 61-year old male, a citizen of Chile, married (very well married) and with two adult daughters.


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