Sexual Experiences

Sexual Experiences in Transgender People

Being able to enjoy sex is, to many people, an important aspect of their general well-being. Transgender men and women may face considerable challenges to their sexual experiences, such as their sexual behavior, that is, type and frequency of sexual activities and sexual feelings, for example, their sexual pleasure. After all, the experience of being transgender is closely related to (sexual) identity and body image. Further, some transgender persons choose to undergo hormonal therapy and/or surgery, which alter the endocrine system and sex characteristics. These aspects are likely to influence the sexual experiences of transgender persons, which in turn may affect their quality of life.

Can Trans Men and Trans Women Enjoy Sex?

This is not surprising given that sexual experiences, such as masturbation frequency and the ability to reach an orgasm, are seen as indicators of treatment success. There has been great variability in sexual experiences in transgender men and women. Nevertheless, some general observations can be made concerning sexual behavior which the frequency of sex and masturbation. For trans women (male-assigned at birth), increased frequency sex was observed after the gender change has been done, but either decreased, increased, or unchanged frequency of masturbation.

Among trans men (female-assigned at birth) have shown either unchanged or increased frequency of sex and masturbation. Sexual feelings after gender change has been carried out have mainly focused on general measures of sexual satisfaction, as opposed to more specific measures like sexual pleasure and esteem.


A pre- and post-measure of a behavior (e.g., masturbation frequency) may have given a more realistic representation. Transgender men and women may have particular negative sexual experiences due to their yet unfulfilled desire for treatment. These set of transgender men and women may still experience problems with identity development and body image, which may negatively influence their sexual behavior and feelings in all aspect of their life overall time alive. The difficulties they face, however, may be particularly different from those of transgender people who have a yet unfulfilled treatment desire and those who have already had treatment. Aside from differences in treatment desire, two factors that are likely to be associated with sexual experiences of transgender men and women are their psychological well-being and body satisfaction. There are several indications that dissatisfaction with one’s appearance or feeling of gender dysphoria can make it more difficult to enjoy or to be satisfied with sexual experiences.

Transgender people often reported improved sexual satisfaction after sex transformation, also indicate that satisfaction with one’s genitals plays an important role in sexual satisfaction because psychological well-being and body satisfaction can vary considerably between as well as within groups of transgender persons with different treatment desires, it is essential to explore the role of these factors in their sexual experiences.

Helpful Nuggets

For sexual experiences in transgender persons, time since medical interventions may be important. People may have to get used to the new situation. Transgender persons may have to get used to a sexual response system. Trans men and trans women have to become familiar with their new genitals.

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