Sex Talk

Sex Talk With A Transgender

Have you ever had a difficult conversation with anyone? I know I have. You see many people mistake having a conversation with just talking. They are worlds apart. One can lead to meaningful growth and development while the other does not. One can calm troubled souls and stop wars while the other can do the opposite or accomplish nothing. In this article, I’m going to open up about sex talk with transgender people.

So what is Conversation?

Sex Talk With A Transgender

A great conversation is a form of communication between two or more people that involves talking and listening. When the two are in place, you can say that you have an effective conversation. When you talk and listen to the other person, you will achieve your aim with the conversation.

Sometimes, this communication can be difficult with the persons involved, especially if one of that person is a transgender. Many cisgender people do not know how to have a decent convo with a transgender person. They start feeling awkward and fidgety once you introduce yourself as a transgender person. Communication gets more difficult when it comes time to talk about sex.

This leads to a broken relationship and sad moments for many people. It is not that these people are bad or do not like their transgender partners. They do, they even recognize the need for the discussion. But they are not sure how to proceed and so totally avoid having the convo.

Like I mentioned earlier, this leads to a breakdown in the relationship. This is a simple issue that can be remedied.

How to Have the Conversation

First, recognize the need for a serious discussion between you and your transgender partner. You should let your partner know that there is a need for both of you to talk about your needs and wants in that relationship.

Secondly, get a good environment. Don’t start a discussion about your Trans partner when both of you are angry. Choose a day that both of you are well-rested and calm. You can use a quiet place in your house or go to a park or restaurant. Just choose a place where you can be alone and hear each other well. Thirdly, avoid hurtful language. Don’t use words that may make your partner angry with you or make him or her misunderstand your intentions for the relationship. Always say what you mean and mean what you say.

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