Having Sex With a Transgender Woman: How to Make Love With Transgender Females


Most men on this planet will not experience the transgender sex experience due to a combination of social conditioning and internalized inhibitions; they are missing out big time. Sex with a transgender woman is an exhilarating experience. The whole experience is further enhanced due to the novelty factor and the knowledge that most men will go to the grave without experiencing this “forbidden” pleasure.

There are two types of Trans women: ones who have had Vaginoplasty and those who have not. The sexual experience with both of them is different and, in their own way, exciting. Women who have had Vaginoplasty have a surgically implanted vagina that is fresh and may feel better than that of a cis-women. Many Trans women have had this surgery, and most contemplate having it.

Transgender Woman

Trans women who have had vaginoplasty have sex just like cis-women. Do not believe what they show in porn; Trans women are women and are not some dominatrix. They expect to be led into the bedroom. Trans women can be really shy, and therefore it is up to the man to lead in the bedroom. Also, men have to be gentle with these women, as they might not be used to their newly implanted vaginas.

Trans women who have not had vaginolasty usually make up for it with their stunner bodies. It is very possible that Trans women usually have better proportioned bodies than cis-women, which helps during lovemaking. Sex with Trans women who have not had the surgery is different, and it really helps if you are bisexual. If you are not, then this is the best chance for you to try. Anal sex rates among the top sexual fantasies of all men, and this is the perfect opportunity for you to indulge in that fantasy. It is, however, different from homosexual sex as you are having sex with a woman.

Transgender Woman

Sex with Trans women is a really passionate affair, and you get to connect with your animal side during the whole episode. Trans women may be extremely feminine during the date, but in bed they have a sexual appetite that very few cis-women can compete with. It is a raunchy and passionate affair. Most cis-women have a certain frigidity to them that does not allow them to totally open up during the lovemaking, but there is no such problem with Trans women.

While making love with a transgender woman, the most important thing to remember is to forget everything that you might have seen in transgender porn. There will be no dominatrix role play (at least not at first). Go about the lovemaking like you would normally, and allow the sexual tension to build up. Start by helping her get warmed up to you before making your move. Then take the lead and let love take its course.


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44 thoughts on “Having Sex With a Transgender Woman: How to Make Love With Transgender Females”

  1. I’m a transwoman pre-op at present should be this year I’ve never been with a man before I’m just a bit worried about what to do.


      1. that sounds lovely , i am passionate with trans women i love to kiss them all over caress them do whatever pleases the contact me


  2. What’s with comparing trans women to cis-women all the time? “They have better bodies, fresher vaginas, and bigger sexual appetites”? Trans women don’t have to prove that they are better than cis-women by putting them down. That’s just insecurity talking.

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    1. True that comparisons are stupid but as for my experience my transgender wife is better than cis gender women in more than physical ways . As a transman who was a popular butch lesbian in my past life I have been with many cisgender women who saw my choice if a transgender woman as a less than woman. So even comparisons are done by cis gendered woman as well. As for the sex the passion is what counts not what’s between the legs .


      1. Exactly cis-women do that, that’s my point. Why do trans people have to fall into that same “bashing, criticizing, jealous” mold?? Love a trans woman for who she is, even if she doesn’t have a voracious sexual appetite, fresh vagina, and a hot body. It’s like the article is suggesting those types of trans women are the only ones worth having sex and/or relationship with.

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  3. Wow this article is shit. Fetishizes trans women, makes it all about the man’s needs and fantasies (perpetuating the idea that women’s bodies are just sexual objects to use), reinforces patriarchy by pitting trans women against their cis sisters, confines sex to a heteronormative gender role enforcing act (“women do x, men do y”). Just garbage.

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  4. They forgot to mention that trans women like to be dated and taken out to places, it is a form of foreplay. They also forgot to mention that some trans women are very intellectual and like to hold stimulating conversations… Fuck, the last stepford wife I met got a punch in the face…

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  5. I am a 62 year old X-Marine trans women Pre – Op [ S and M ]= Harley Davidson, Road King motorcycle rider. Been single all my life and I believe I know why is because I am a born male with a female mine trap in a male body. The answer is no, I am not a shame. I am proud to be myself for real.


    1. I was like that for 48 years but when I turn 53 I started my transition. In 2014 I had all my surgeries now I’m an ex marine I got out in 1981 ..but at the age of 6 I knew I wasn’t like my brothers. But I wanted too be around my sister’s…now today I’m a complete female ..I hope you can have a great night


    2. Ronald, what makes you think you have a female [mind] (I’m assuming that’s what you meant)? You do realize that ‘female brain’ and ‘male brain’ are classic sexist notions that have been thoroughly debunked? That not all women conform to the same sets of thoughts and feelings? You’re living proof that not all males think the same way. How dare you reduce women to a fantasy like this? I’m so sick of this shit.

      I’m a woman (i.e. female) and I guarantee you that whatever it is you think makes you a woman is based on stereotypes. This harms women and girls immensely. You can be you, whatever that means in terms of personality, and still be a man. You’re male. Just accept it. It’s ok. Brains aren’t sex organs; they have nothing to do with one’s sex. No one has ever been able to explain how a person’s brain is “female” but their liver or kidneys aren’t, or how a “female” brain ends up in a male body. Do you hear yourself? None of it makes sense. Do whatever you want to with your own body, but leave women out of it. You do not belong in our spaces. The crimes you commit should be counted as male crimes, not female. Women aren’t a social category for you to fetishize and colonize. And we are done with the stereotypes you men have been choking us with for thousands of years.

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      1. Your brain is a sex organ in fact it is the biggest sex organ in your body that will it take for me does not know what she’s talking about think about it you can get an erection by just thinking pleasant thoughts about a woman you do not need to have your hands on your body or anything else didn’t get aroused and some guys can even have an orgasm without even touching himself by simply thinking wonderful. Thoughts about women that woman is out in left field and is probably 90 years old thank you Savannah


      2. Wow, you’re going to throw ageism into the mix? 90 years old, really? Your mind processes all kinds of thoughts that have physical effects – that doesn’t mean your brain is a sexed organ. The biological sex of babies isn’t determined by brain scans (which wouldn’t tell you anything about their sex, btw) – it’s determined by noting their secondary sex characteristics. Pick up a biology textbook someday. It won’t kill you.

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  6. I liked the idea of this article but, and yes I’ve read through the comments so I know where your replies may lead, I feel as though you’re putting trans on a pedestal and making it seem like it’s better than CIS. That’s just unfair. But I do agree with some of the article. Many trans women I’ve seen that have truly focused on their body are simply amazing. But the same can be said about CIS women, as well.

    I’ve opened myself up to the possibility of being with both (though I haven’t met the right trans woman to share a new experience with) and I don’t really like knocking of one or the other; especially in some veiled attempt to make yourself feel better. I know this is easy to say because I’m a CIS male but just be… Find the right guy (or person depending on your preference) and let the rest fall into place.


    1. Hmmmm. If you like transwomen then I assure you that having sex with one will reinforce that a few orders of magnitude. While I do not put transwomen ‘on a pedestal’, it’s pointless to deny one’s feelings out of redundant ‘Political Correctness’. All men tend to idolise their partners — why would that be any different if your partner happens to be TS? And she’ll love it, trust me.

      Having said that, I think the article is misleading on a whole variety of issues, many of which nave been aired.


  7. Fresh vagina? This man is ridiculous and no self-respecting woman (trans or otherwise) would support this kind of false and divisive claim. Shake your head, dude.

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  8. Articles like this is what makes straight women shun and judge transgender & don’t want to accept them. This article has done nothing but bash and devalue cis women, while uplifting transwomen. I’m so finally over this competition. You’ve lost a supporter in me.

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  9. This is such a gross, misogynistic article. It fetishizes transwomen in a very objectifying way, and it also says incredibly hateful and stereotypical shit about cis women. It’s like the author managed to tick every single box. Good job, asshole.

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  10. There is no such thing as an implanted vagina. The neovagina is surgically made from the inversion of penile skin (rarely colon tissue is used). This information is on every surgeons website about the procedure. If anyone got a vagina implanted from a donor they would require immunosuppressant drugs for life. Don’t make things up.

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  11. Why do they fetishize all pre ops as tops?…..I hate that…..Trans or not,Im a receiver……feminine energy……Not a penetrator…..male energy.Just because I haven’t had SRS doesn’t mean I want to penetrate men.

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    1. @heather: studies show that a significant number of transattracted men are themselves autogynephilic, or fascinated with the idea of being women. So they prefer tops because they can fantasise that they are women while being penetrated. They may also be homophobic, so they can’t let a man do this. That’s not always the case but often. It concurs with anecdotal evidence from TS sex workers.

      FWIW, I’m not in that group. I respect a transwoman’s need to be a woman in all ways and anyway, it just isn’t my thing. Nearly all the pre-ops I know are not tops and they make that clear, as you do.


  12. This article is degrading to transgender women… How does the author know what we want or feel?
    I’m transgender and I don’t agree with any of it.
    This article objectifies trans women.

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